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People of History

With the "People of History" NFTs, NFT Ideation is launching a unique trading card series that allows NFT holders to enter the NFT Innovation Lab. Check out our Instagram account for some impressions:




Exclusive access rights for NFT – holders


Development of own NFT Projects


Support by community members


Funding through a community pool


Set Up innovation Lab

Access the Lab

  • Enter the Innovation Lab
  • Release of the Men of History Rarity Map

Innovation Lab - Project Book

  • Release of the Project Book with functionality description
  • Vote on the implementation of additional functionalities for the community

Ideation Phase

  • Start generating Ideas
  • Get support from the community

Community Project

  • NFT Communit Project
  • Release of the Community Pool
  • Rewarding the idea creators

Project scoping

Women of History

  • Release of 3,333 Women of History NFTs
  • Expansion of community members

NFT Airdrop

  • NFT Use Case Airdrop for randomly selected community members
  • Release of the Women of History Rarity Map

Innovation Lab - Project Scoping

  • Detailed Project Scoping for voted Community Project
  • Team composition

Funded Community Project

  • Community Project Implementation
  • Rewarding voters and idea creators
Release Evolution

Innovation Center


Interactive Innovation Center


Professional and technical Trainings


Professional support


Self-govering NFT Start Up Incubator

Mint the access key to our Innovation Lab

Policy ID: e520a24ecd3c6496bae56e2ebfedc1ce6fe63674d8338bc3cca5eb38

Meet the team

Team member


Founder & Lead Business Analyst

❤ Business Analysis & AI

Always on track finding the best Food

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Founder & Lead Project Manager

❤ Software & Mechatronics

Pedantic is my profession

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❤ Born with a pencil in hand - This says it all




❤ Born with a pencil in hand - This says it all


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❤ Full Stack and Blockchain




What is NFT Ideation?

NFT Ideation is a project that aims to create an interactive NFT Innovation Lab, where NFT holders can realize their own NFT projects and get them founded by the NFT Ideation Community.

What will be the total amount of minted NFTs?

NFT Ideation plans to release a total of 6,666 "People of History" NFTs. There will be 3,333 "Men of History" and 3,333 "Women of Histroy" NFTs, all of which will function as access key to the Innovation Lab.

What is the price of NFT Ideation NFTs?

The price for a "People of Histroy" NFT will be 100 ada.

How can I mint?

• The mint function for the first NFT series will be available once the countdown is over
• You will be able to purchase up to 1 „People of Histroy“ NFTs per Tx
• Each NFT is randomly distributed to the buyer

What wallet can I use during mint?

Yoroi/Nami/Daedalus or CCVault - Cardano native wallets only. Do not send ADA straight from exchange because your money will be lost.

When will the interactive Innovation Lab be created?

We will start developing the Innovation Lab once 25 percent of the generated Men of History NFTs have been sold.

What is the NFT Ideation Community Pool?

The NFT Ideation Community Pool is funded from the sale of "People of History" NFTs and is used to fund project ideas from our NFT - holders as well as a financial tool to reward idea creators and voters.

When can own NFT - projects be realized?

Once 75 percent of the generated "Men of Histroy" NFTs have been sold, NFT holders will have the ability to generate project ideas.

Will there be 2nd market royalties?

Yes, People of History CNFTs will have Royalties using CIP-0027 standard. Royalties will be set at 3% to support the team.